Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Just some more pictures for everyone

Everyone loves pictures!!! And these are really cute...
Everybody waiting at the gate... what are they waiting for? Who knows... but they're waiting!!

Lil' Scout and Gus, aren't they the handsome pair?

Skipper Nipper trying to get the human to throw the ball.

Scud and Gus. Yay for heelers!!

Tula, isn't she gorgeous?

Ranger and Tugger having an awesome time.

It's a lovely day to be outside!

Tex found something to pounce on!

Ranger also found something interesting...

A little pause for group sniffing..

And some more sniffing..

That's a very guilty look Texas... what'd you do?

And, last but not least, another link to our facebook page. :)

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